The Korte Company Completes Subsurface Constructors’ New HQ

November 1, 2023|

Subsurface Constructors has a rich history in the St. Louis region, operating from the same location for more than 115 years. In 2014, recognizing the need for growth and modernization, the company decided to relocate its offices to an adjacent lot across the street while preserving its ties to the original location and service yard. The Korte Company constructed its new headquarters.

Subsurface identified the need to expand its 11,270-square-foot building to meet evolving needs. The site’s unconventional triangular shape, limited by railway tracks and driveways, required a thoughtful approach to maximize the available space as vertical expansion wasn’t an option.

A small first-floor expansion introduced two new offices, while a larger second-floor expansion relocated two offices and gained three new ones along with a spacious meeting/education area. The existing second-floor office space was transformed into a kitchenette to support after-work activities.

The project prioritized capturing scenic views of downtown St. Louis and the equipment storage yard while ensuring architectural harmony with the region’s historic brick structures. The existing building featured tall vertical windows within masonry walls and a composite metal cornice above horizontal windows, creating a unique aesthetic. The expansion followed suit, using brick and the same composite metal panel as cladding to seamlessly integrate with the existing entry locations, incorporating larger windows to infuse the new interior spaces with natural light.

This design approach not only enhanced the building’s aesthetics but also gave it a more inviting and commercial appearance when viewed from the nearby interstate and surrounding roadways.

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