The 40-Year History of Bangert, Inc.: Built on the Foundation of Fairness

May 1, 2024|


Wow, how far things have come! When we started Bangert Computer Systems in the late summer of 1983, we could not fully imagine how far technology has come, nor the ultimate path we would follow.

The company was started by my father, Richard Bangert, an electrical engineer, farmer, teacher and entrepreneur. In so many ways, he was unconventional, but that trait was what led him to earn several patents on high-precision frequency oscillators, pioneering automated electronic component production (robotics) and a whole lot more. Above all else, he was fair, and that is the foundation of our company.

Bootstrap and shoestring are two words that can describe those first years. We were scrappy out of necessity which in turn drove home the value of every single customer we had, another foundational component.

In the early days, we were a computer store, selling now long-forgotten brands and types of equipment. Our next step was that we developed a specialized software system for fuel and oil distributors that then led to specific systems for convenience stores. Along the way, some of those customers also owned construction companies, and meeting that need is what began our ultimate transition to being 100 percent dedicated to serving the construction industry.

In 1988 we became a dealer for Timberline Software, and by 1991 we were its top-performing reseller. We remain one of the leading partners in what is now Sage Software. Thirty-six years on, we are in the third major technology-driven change. Starting with DOS in 1988, moving to the Windows/PC environment in 1993, to now the cloud-native Sage Intacct Construction ERP, and soon into the era of AI. All changes that were barely imaginable 40 years ago, when we were writing software that could run on 64k of RAM and 128k floppy disks.

But the real story of Bangert, Inc. is its people. Our longevity has been powered by all the people who have contributed to it over the years. Without them, we would have never been able to get this far nor realize our objectives and vision. Indescribable amounts of hard work have been contributed by our staff over all these years to the service of our customers. We have collectively gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill over that time, informing us of the best ways to help our customers get the most out of the software investments they make. There are far too many stories of dedication than will fit in this article. However, I cannot fully express the depths of my gratitude to the people who have shaped this company.

Of course, no history can be complete without mentioning all of the great customers we have had the honor of working with. We have worked with some of the oldest, most established, and have seen startups grow to incredible success. In every case, I like to think we’ve played some small part in helping them achieve the goals they have for themselves. All these interactions have only increased the deep respect we have for the construction industry.

In so many ways, where we are today in 2024 is right back at our roots. We continue as a family-owned and operated business with the third generation deeply involved and excited to carry on my father’s legacy. We have also returned to stating one price for everything a customer needs with no variables, just like we did so many years ago.

Our future is bright with exciting new technologies coming to market, and with one of the best teams we have ever had, and a culture that would have made my father proud. I have to give a huge “Thank You” to all the people who have dedicated themselves to the company over the years and all the customers who have placed their trust with us.

Who knows what the next 40 years will bring, but we certainly look forward to it.






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