IFS Completes Renovations of 2 Historic Lofts

January 30, 2024|

ST. LOUIS, Mo. –  Integrated Facility Services (IFS) has completed complex mechanical contracting projects to convert two historic buildings in downtown St. Louis into mixed-use lofts and commercial space. The Hoffman Lofts and Greeley Lofts are two of the multiple new developments on Laclede’s Landing by St. Louis-based Advantes Development as part of a $55 million investment to add approximately 150 apartments in the riverfront neighborhood.

IFS provided design/build HVAC, fire protection and plumbing services as part of the $9.6 million renovation of the former Hoffman Produce Building on N. 2nd Street, which was built in 1882 as a produce distribution headquarters. IFS designed and installed the heating and cooling, fire protection and plumbing systems to serve the new uses of the 34,000-square-foot mixed-use building including more than 6,000 square feet of commercial office space, 6,700 square feet of retail space on the first floor and lower level and 21 apartment units on the upper four floors.

IFS also provided design/build HVAC, fire protection and plumbing services as part of the $14 million Greeley Lofts renovation. Located in the 600 block of N. 2nd Street, the Greeley Lofts renovation adds 36 one and two-bedroom apartments, more than 11,500 square feet of commercial space within the five-story building. The 19th century-era cast-iron facade building was once home to the Carlos S. Greeley’s grocery house.

“It greatly benefits St. Louis when unused spaces, especially iconic historic buildings like the Hoffman and Greeley buildings, are transformed into functional spaces for tenants,” said Dan Larkin, IFS’ plumbing account representative on the project. “This project required extensive planning from all departments involved. By collaborating from the beginning with our internal teams and other project partners, we were able to streamline the installation process. We commend the skilled plumbers who performed exceptional work on this complex project, installing equipment both accurately and visually appealing for future residents.”

To achieve optimal tenant comfort, IFS’ HVAC work included replacing all ductwork, installing heat pumps, air handlers, exhaust vents and electric heaters for the buildings including common spaces, public restrooms and the basement. Fresh air systems were installed to exchange stale indoor air and fresh, filtered air from outside and to manage the air exchange for comfortable temperature and humidity levels.

To make sure the buildings meet all codes, IFS’ fire protection system work included installing new fire pump equipment, wet fire sprinkler systems, and a new service to the building. Among other upgrades, fire sprinklers were relocated to accommodate the new walls and ceilings. The fire sprinkler systems were extended to Greeley Lofts’ rooftop entry. A 30-foot by eight-foot fire sprinkler pump room was constructed to accommodate the new exterior service, backflow, wet fire sprinkler risers and horizontal split case fire pump.

Plumbing work included installing underground PVC piping and above-grade water risers and waste/vent stacks throughout, including service to the commercial kitchens. IFS roughed in water, waste and vent lines to the individual residences. In each of the apartment units for both buildings, IFS installed electric water heaters, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, a laundry box at each washer/dryer location and water, waste and vent stacks. Primary challenges included aesthetically routing the piping in an open ceiling and utilizing as much of the existing system while providing adequate coverage for the new occupancy requirements.

Greeley Lofts is currently 60 percent occupied and still leasing. Hoffman Lofts began pre-leasing for move-ins February 1st.




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