Fred M. Luth & Sons, Inc.: Leaders in Underground Utility Construction for More Than 100 Years 

April 25, 2024|

For more than a century, Fred M. Luth & Sons, Inc. has stood as a testament to resilience, innovation and family-led dedication to the St. Louis region. Established in 1920 by Fred Luth and carried forward through four generations of the Luth family, the company has evolved to become an industry leader widely recognized as the area experts in underground pipe construction.

Fred Luth’s two sons, Fred and Louis, joined the business after returning from service following World War II. The third generation, Bill Luth and his brother Bob, joined the family firm during the 1970s and carried its legacy well into the 21st century. Under the current leadership of Bill’s son, Mike Luth, the company continues to exemplify the commitment to excellence instilled by its founder.

The firm specializes in both open cut and trenchless installations of sanitary sewers, storm sewers, force mains and water lines, alongside site development and other related services.

However, the company’s mission transcends the provision of services: It is dedicated to achieving and maintaining excellence through quality and integrity. Fred M. Luth & Sons, Inc.’s extensive expertise and capabilities have grown as a result of this straightforward pursuit.


Fred M. Luth & Sons, Inc. is probably best known for its work on sanitary and storm sewer installations. It offers rapid, safe and precise services for projects of any scale – from new developments to complex municipal undertakings. Specializing in installations up to 50 feet deep and 12 feet in diameter, the company’s expertise covers gravity sewer, force mains, pump stations, box culverts and advanced stormwater systems.


With more than a century of experience in water main and service line installation, Fred M. Luth & Sons, Inc. supports projects of all types and sizes, including new transmission mains, distribution replacements and emergency repairs. The company’s experience working with area water suppliers and municipalities combined with its proficiency in system improvements and construction ensure timely, high-quality project completion.


The expertise of the team at Fred M. Luth & Sons, Inc. extends beyond pipe to include comprehensive site preparation. Its experienced managers and skilled field crews leverage extensive equipment resources to successfully execute projects with demanding specifications and timelines. In addition to underground utility installation, the company performs site grading, deep and rock excavation, site modeling, soil remediation, special waste disposal and slope stabilization.


The company’s implementation of traditional and innovative trenchless technologies enables efficient and low-impact pipeline construction and includes directional drilling, guided auger boring/microtunneling, sliplining, cured-in-place lateral lining and pipe bursting. Also specializing in deep shaft excavation, Fred M. Luth & Sons, Inc. pairs expertise and experience with advanced equipment for seamless trenchless solutions.


Being underground pipe experts has honed the company’s skills in other related construction as well. Beyond its core offerings, the company provides a spectrum of related services such as pavement and slab replacement, channel construction, mass excavation and site restoration. It is versatile and ready to support clients’ completed operations through emergency response and BMP/stormwater systems maintenance.

Looking to the future, Fred M. Luth & Sons, Inc. remains steadfast in its dedication to the principles of quality and integrity that have guided the company for the past 100-plus years. The firm stands ready to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, continuing the legacy of building communities through resilient and innovative infrastructure solutions.




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