Contegra Construction Building AZZ Precoat Metals Production Facility

November 1, 2023|

In December, Contegra Construction Co. will be continuing toward substantial completion of a 220,000-square-foot production facility in Washington for AZZ Precoat Metals.

The independent metal coil coating manufacturer is the first tenant to emerge in the new 155-acre Oldenburg Industrial Park.

Precoat Metals’ production expansion will meet increasing demand for coated aluminum coils slit to custom widths and will augment the firm’s current production capabilities for customized steel, aluminum and galvanized metal coils used in containers, buildings, housing, automobiles, product storage, appliances, HVAC and more. The plant will employ approximately 88 once production commences.

Among the most challenging project aspects to date has been blasting rock to create a 40-foot-deep pit that will be used in the process of slitting coils to custom widths.

Precoat Metals’ pre-engineered building will host a 212,000-square-foot production zone and 8,000 square feet of office space. The production zone will be served by three 30-ton overhead cranes and advanced equipment for preparing, coating, slitting and packaging aluminum coils. The facility will feature eight loading dock bays and six drive-through bays.

Joining Contegra on the project are Vision Electric, electrical; Jarrell Mechanical Contractors, HVAC; O. J. Laughlin Plumbing Company, plumbing; and Musselman & Hall Contractors, concrete.

Contegra previously built a 53,000-square-foot expansion at Precoat’s MMC Granite City production facilities growing the operation to 143,000 square feet of processing and storage space. Contegra anticipates completing construction of the current building in Spring 2024.

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