Clark Construction to Begin Google Chicago HQ

December 18, 2023|


CHICAGO, Ill. – Clark Construction is anticipated to begin construction in early 2024 on redevelopment of the once-endangered James R. Thompson Center as a future Google office headquarters and a city center.

The project team is working with the building’s original architects at Chicago-based Jahn to maintain the iconic presence of the structure while breathing new life into the design.

According to Google, the Thompson Center’s signature 17-story, light-filled atrium will remain. It’s the only building in Chicago where six L train lines converge – connecting the city’s south, west and north sides. The plans are to play a major role in revitalizing Chicago’s Loop neighborhood. Google anticipates occupying the reimagined building by 2026 with 2,000 employees.

Replacing outdated heating and cooling systems to increase energy efficiency is part of the plan. Complete replacement of the building’s existing façade – including replacing the existing windows with triple-pane glass – is also with the projected scope of work. Covered terraces with greenery on the building’s southeast side are also components of the $6 million project. Google’s goal is to operate the center 24/7 on carbon-free energy by 2030.

Google purchased the Thompson Center in July 2022 for $105 million. The building initially opened in May 1985 as one of three adjacent government structures.

Google has previously reimagined other older buildings for its office spaces, including Pier 57 in New York City and Arnulfpost in Munich. Google plans to honor the Thompson Center’s postmodern legacy.





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