Reed Burkett Finishes Interior Lighting Redo of Cathedral Basilica

December 3, 2023|

St. Louis, Mo – Reed Burkett Lighting Design has completed a transformational lighting design project to illuminate the interior of the historic Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis.

Before the project began, 83,000 square feet of mosaic artwork throughout the walls and ceiling had been muted in darkness. The functional light levels were so low that parishioners struggled to read hymnals.

Reed Burkett not only enhanced day-to-day experience in the space but also achieved a striking revelation of the mosaics, artwork, sculptures and architecture that had not before been viewed in such color and detail.

In some areas of the Cathedral Basilica nave and transepts, Reed Burkett elevated the light by nearly 300 percent, allowing previously invisible details to be enjoyed for the first time.

Thought lighting levels were increased dramatically, the system’s energy consumption is nearly 80 percent lower. The LED fixtures have 50,000 hours of rated life, greatly improving maintenance cycles.

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