Mississippi Valley Equipment Company: Upholding Tradition, Core Values and a Commitment to Its Employees

May 8, 2024|

In an era marked by rapid changes and fierce competition, the longevity of family-owned businesses is a testament to resilience, adaptability and a steadfast commitment to its employees and the companies’ core values. Among these enduring companies stands Mississippi Valley Equipment Company, a leader in the pile driving and foundation industry for nearly a century.

Founded in 1933 by Roy Whisler, Sr., the business began as a small company focused on renting and selling sheet piling. Roy Whisler, Jr. joined the company in 1966 and shortly after brought the actual pile driving equipment into the mix. The company then was able to rent the piling and facilitate the equipment for driving the pile all at the same time. From there on out, Mississippi Valley Equipment Company has served as a premier one-stop shop for contractors servicing the pile driving and foundation industry. Most recently through the guidance of Mike Whisler, third generation, MVE has expanded its enterprise and product lines, weathering economic downturns and evolving market landscapes.

Central to the success of Mississippi Valley Equipment Company is an unwavering commitment to fostering a positive work culture that prioritizes employee well-being and development. Unlike many corporations driven solely by profit margins, MVE’s leadership team understands that its greatest asset lies in its workforce. As such, it has cultivated an environment where employees are not just cogs in a machine but integral members of a supportive community.

At the heart of this culture is a deep-seated respect for each individual’s contributions and aspirations. From the factory floor to the front office, every employee is valued and empowered to reach his or her full potential. Regular training programs, mentorship opportunities and educational assistance initiatives ensure that employees have the tools and resources they need to succeed, both personally and professionally.

Furthermore, MVE recognizes the importance of maintaining a safe work environment along with a healthy work-life balance. Flexible scheduling options, remote work opportunities and comprehensive safety programs are just a few of the initiatives implemented to support employees in achieving harmony between their professional and personal lives while giving them a safe place to work and grow. By prioritizing the holistic well-being of its workforce, MVE has cultivated a loyal and motivated team that consistently goes above and beyond to achieve excellence.

The story of Mississippi Valley Equipment Company exemplifies how a steadfast dedication to core values can transcend generations and propel a company to greatness. By placing employees at the forefront and nurturing a culture of support, development and team engagement, MVE has not only stood the test of time but has set a standard of excellence for businesses around the world. As it continues to write the next chapter of its storied legacy, one thing remains certain: MVE and its entire team will continue to thrive, guided by the timeless principles that have defined it for nearly a century.


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