BEX Construction Services: Family Roots Propel Today’s Success

May 2, 2024|

BEX Construction Services President Randy Bueckendorf’s grandfather Joe Matthews returned from World War II, acquired a pickup truck and began building houses in the 1950s.

Ten years later, Matthews had 50 workers pouring foundations and building houses for him.

Randy’s father and mother married right out of high school and his father, Wayne Bueckendorf, went to work as a carpenter for his father-in-law at Matthews Construction. Nearly a decade later, Randy’s father launched a small home remodeling company, Bueckendorf Construction.

Fast forward a generation. Randy Bueckendorf, faced with the choice of playing soccer for Saint Louis University or enrolling in pre-med at Washington University in St. Louis, chose to attend SLU.

Life, however – including a wife and a daughter on the way – changed Randy’s course. He went to work for his grandfather as a carpenter and filled in for his father on rain days. After spending 10 years as a carpenter, Randy’s path crossed with Bob Brinkmann. That connection led to 20 years working for Brinkmann Constructors, building shopping centers and office buildings across the country.

At age 48, Randy went into a partnership with his now former brother-in-law. After seven years, Randy left his brother-in-law to start BEX, as sole owner, on June 1, 2014. He lured his son, Collin, to join him. The name BEX was the result of shortening Bueckendorf and Bueckendorf. It just made sense.

His son, Collin, ultimately left BEX after two years to pursue a career in criminal justice, his passion. Bueckendorf is currently talking with other family members about considering roles in the future operation of his firm.

The life-size bear statue now guarding BEX’s new headquarters at 12173 Prichard Farm Road in Maryland Heights, Mo. embodies the firm’s – and Randy’s – philosophy of “go big or go home.” To that end, BEX’s track record over the past 10 years is an impressive one. Since then, its staff has grown from 3 to 22, its volume from $3 million to $100 million (2022) and its deliverables from office buildings to restaurants, churches, schools, car dealerships and tilt-up warehouses, with an eye on the assisted living and self-storage sectors.

BEX’s service territory is generally within 200 miles of the Gateway Arch. “It’s important for us to make good on the promise that our workers can return home to their families at the end of the day and not have to travel,” he says. “It’s a great recruitment tool, too, ensuring that we’re attracting the best and brightest and keeping them.”

BEX’s secret sauce and Randy’s staunch commitment is to people first. “Kudos to Bob Brinkmann for instilling a good work ethic and providing a culture of working hard. But at BEX we work hard until 5 p.m. and then go home and don’t take work with us,” Bueckendorf says. “Our team knows that a strong work ethic is girded with support for our families and how important that truly is in the big picture of our success.”


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