ST. LOUIS, Mo. – HDA Architects is refocusing efforts on its core business in a move that returns sole ownership of the company to HDA President Jack Holleran under a new name – HDA Design (dba HDA). HDA was acquired by Green Street Real Estate Ventures in 2020 with the intent to grow Green Street’s national reach through HDA’s longstanding reputation and extensive client base in the industry.

“With current economic conditions, this presents an opportunity to readjust our priorities and focus on our long-term partnerships and key markets,” said Jack Holleran, HDA President. “Since our firm began in 1986, HDA has been known for its integrity, professionalism and quality. Staying true to these core values and focusing on the future are HDA’s priorities moving forward. I’m eager to see us continue to build on HDA’s exceptional legacy and strong foundation established over the last 38 years.”

As part of the transition, HDA’s leadership team will work alongside Jack Holleran to guide the firm’s direction as a single entity once more. In August 2023, four key employees were promoted to the roles of senior principal as part of its strategic plan. Patrick Holleran and Brice Zickuhr were named senior principals, and Josh Goodman and Kent Wagster were named principals. The four will collaborate with Jack Holleran on HDA’s strategy, business development and organizational growth looking ahead.

HDA currently has active projects in 12 states, including Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, South Carolina, Utah, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Missouri. Types of active projects consist of beverage wholesaler, industrial/distribution, adaptive reuse, office/commercial, automotive, multi-family, mixed-use and hospitality facilities.

“I think this speaks strongly to the credibility of our firm and the assurance that clients will receive the same degree of design expertise, can-do attitude, and stability that HDA has always provided,” said Patrick Holleran, HDA senior principal. “HDA remains dedicated to providing our partners nationwide with the highest level of service.”

HDA is currently reviewing opportunities to relocate its headquarters within the St. Louis region. The new office will be designed by the firm and will reflect HDA’s brand and its nearly four decades of design experience. HDA will continue working with Green Street on current projects the firms have underway and are gearing up to tackle additional projects together later this year.

“Green Street has been around for a long time and has developed significant projects that have improved our region,” Patrick Holleran said. “We have a good rapport and look forward to helping them on future endeavors.”