Front Row (Left to Right):  Doug Fronick, AGCMO Highway and Transportation Division Chair and Estimating Manager, APAC-Central, Inc.;  Len Toenjes, President, AGCMO; Terry L. Ecker, MHTC Chair; and Patrick McKenna, MoDOT Director, sign new Partnership Agreement between AGCMO, MHTC and AGCMO, representing private industry.

Back Row (Left to Right):  Dustin Boatwright; MHTC Commissioner Gregg C. Smith; MHTC Commissioner Warren K Erdman; and MHTC Commissioner Francis Slay at Feb. 13th signing ceremony.


AGCMO Leads Private Industry Effort to Help Provide Missouri with a World-Class Transportation System

JEFFERSON CITY, M0. – On Feb. 13, representatives from the Associated General Contractors of Missouri (AGCMO), the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) and other industry partners signed a new Partnering Charter Agreement to provide a world-class transportation system that is safe, innovative, reliable and dedicated to a prosperous Missouri. The landmark document, a substantial update from a 1992 agreement, represents a renewed effort to provide Missourians with one of the best transportation systems in the nation.

The Agreement focuses on keeping employees and the public safe, developing a skilled and diverse workforce, open and honest communications, innovation, quality, and collaborative teamwork principles with all partners and stakeholders. Providing efficient and effective solutions in operating maintaining and building a transportation system is paramount along with stewardship of Missouri’s natural and cultural resources for a sustainable transportation system.  The document also emphasizes ethics, including transparent, fair, inclusive and accountability in all aspects of contracts and agreements, and developing and engaging disadvantaged and underrepresented communities in the transportation design and construction industries.

“The timing of this Partnership Agreement is significant,” said Leonard Toenjes, CAE, president of AGCMO. “Last year the Missouri Legislature passed landmark transportation funding, allocating $2.8 billion for I-70, $25 million for environmental studies on I-44 and U.S. 63, and $50 million to improve safety at railroad crossings. At the same time MoDOT has demonstrated excellent stewardship of current resources through its five-year Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP) and its ongoing refurbishment/replacement of Missouri bridges.

“It’s time to ensure we are enhancing communications, supporting innovation and utilizing industry Best Practices in all we do,” added Toenjes.  “This is a generational opportunity to build one of the best transportation systems in the nation.”

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