Paris 2024 Olympic Games Features Venue with World’s Largest Concave Timber-Framed Roof

July 8, 2024|

Image courtesy of VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism


PARIS, France – While much of Paris’ physical structures that will host the 2024 Olympic Games consist of renovated venues from as far back as a century ago, the brand-new Aquatic Centre sports an innovative exterior an interior.

Architects VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism and Ateliers are the projects’ designers.

Bouygues Batiment Ile-de-France is the main contractor for the site.

The new aquatic venue, which will be officially inaugurated on July 11, features the largest concave timber frame roof in the world, spanning 295 feet and built from 95,350 cubic feet of wood. The facility’s Colombes swimming pool will host synchronized swimming, swimming, diving events and water polo.

Port de La Chapelle Arena will host badminton, rhythmic and sports gymnastics, para badminton and para weightlifting competitions. The 8,000-seat, eco-designed venue is located to the north of Paris and will host its basketball team once the 2024 Games end.

Many of Paris’ Olympic Games facilities were already built at the time the city was chosen in September 2017 as the 2024 Games host. An example of this is the main structure comprising the Grand Palais – Olympic Village – which was constructed in 1897-1900 to host the 1900 Universal Expedition. It features a stunning transparent domed glass roof, which evidenced an engineering feat at the time it was built. The building’s renovated interior fittings are made from recycled materials.

Three newer buildings were erected as part of the Grand Palais, in order to house an additional 500 athletes. A total of some 10,500 athletes will live, eat and train within the community, which is located on a 126-acre site.

Total construction costs for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games are $4.86 billion, $1.86 billion of which is being funded with public dollars. Renovations and additions to the Grand Palais alone total in excess of $503 million.

The Games are expected to draw more than 10 million spectators.



Information for this story came from the Paris 2024 Olympic Games communications team.

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