Integrated Facility Services completes complex fire protection project for Blue Bell Creameries

May 24, 2024|
Image courtesy of Integrated Facility Services



ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Integrated Facility Services has completed a complex design- build fire protection project to design, procure and install interior fire sprinkler systems for Blue Bell Creameries’ new 16,000-square-foot distribution facility in St. Peters, Mo.

The state-of-the-art system was designed by IFS’s fire protection department to ensure the safety and protection of the ice cream manufacturer’s facility and its occupants.

Key features of the new system include both a wet pipe sprinkler system and a double interlock preaction sprinkler system. The piping of wet pipe sprinkler systems is constantly filled with water. When the ceiling temperature reaches a high temperature threshold, the glass bulb or fusible link in a sprinkler will break so water can flow freely out of that sprinkler head.

The preaction system protects water-sensitive areas including the facility’s freezer and cold loading dock. The rooms featuring preaction sprinklers have complete automatic heat detection with a lower temperature rating than the sprinklers to make sure the detection system activates before a sprinkler head operates preventing accidental triggering of water release. Since water is not constantly present and the filling of preaction sprinkler pipes only occurs after heat is detected, water will not release onto sensitive equipment if part of the system is damaged as can happen with wet pipe sprinkler systems.

To address specific safety concerns, the IFS team strategically installed sidewall sprinklers for column protection in the freezer. The system is also equipped with a dry air generator to prevent ice plugs and freeze-ups in subzero temperatures. To ensure a reliable source of water in case of fire emergencies, IFS installed an eight-inch spigot inside the building, supplemented with a remote fire department connection.

“In partnership with Blue Bell Creameries, we are proud to deliver a state-of-the-art fire protection system that prioritizes safety and reliability,” said IFS’ fire protection engineer on the project. “Our team’s expertise and dedication ensure that the facility is equipped to handle any fire emergency, providing peace of mind to owners and occupants.”

The installation adhered to the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association and FM Global, the latter which is one of the world’s largest commercial property insurance companies and included a range of materials and features such as white concealed sprinkler heads, Early Suppression Fast Response pendent sprinkler heads, brass upright sprinkler heads and various piping materials.

The IFS fire protection team of specialized engineers and professionals manages projects from design through installation, inspection and maintenance to protect the valuable assets of companies throughout the greater St. Louis region and Mid-Missouri. Other fire protection services include sprinkler testing, 24/7 service and support with NFPA compliance through planned maintenance, inspection and reporting.





































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