SPRINGVILLE, Utah Tyfoom, the leading engagement platform for employee communication and training, announces a partnership with the Associated General Contractors of Missouri.

This collaboration will offer AGC of Missouri members access to Tyfoom’s powerful training and communication platform including full access to Tyfoom’s extensive video-based microlearning content library, communications features, form builder and more at a special discounted rate.

The platform’s mobile accessibility, combined with science-based techniques and gamification, transforms how knowledge is delivered and consumed, making learning both engaging and effective.

“We are excited to collaborate with AGC of Missouri to enhance workplace safety and excellence with their members,” said Drew Peterson, chief revenue officer at Tyfoom. “Our platform is built to provide organizations with easy access to engaging and effective training and communication tools that are convenient, engaging and effective. This partnership reflects our mutual commitment to creating safer and more efficient work environments.”

AGC of Missouri members can be up and running immediately with hundreds of ready-to-go, relevant and engaging safety trainings. Business leaders will have instant visibility on trainings completed, messages viewed and forms completed, ensuring accountability. In addition, organizations can easily create and distribute their own training content, messages and best practices.

“Partnering with Tyfoom perfectly complements our mission to deliver top-tier safety resources and support to our members,” said Brandon Anderson, vice president of safety at AGC of Missouri. “The ability to access a wide range of training materials, along with the capability to create and distribute our own content through such a powerful platform, provides a unique chance to enhance safety and operational standards throughout our member organizations.”

AGC of Missouri members can leverage Tyfoom to enhance their training programs, and deliver relevant communication and training in the flow of work and as an on-demand resource. With the platform, organizations can also create their own content to ensure the standardization of their unique best practices. New users may sign up at www.tyfoom.com/signup, or speak with a Tyfoom consultant at https://www.tyfoom.com/meet-with-a-tyfoom-consultant.