ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Thomas “Tom” Wischmeyer, a fixture in the St. Louis electrical industry and vice president at Guarantee Electrical Company for many years, passed away on Jan. 5.

A veteran of the U.S. Army, Wischmeyer was an enthusiastic outdoorsman, jack of all trades and above all else, he was a dedicated husband, father and grandfather.

“Tom was everything that we stand for,” said Dave Gralike, president of Guarantee Electrical Company. “He lived our values to the fullest. Tom’s influence extended far beyond Guarantee, leaving a lasting mark on our community, colleagues, customers and partners.”

Leading Guarantee’s national business unit, Wischmeyer oversaw projects from coast to coast as VP of national operations. He led with unwavering focus and a contagious work ethic, guiding teams to achieve their full potential.

“Tom never had a bad day,” said Rich Ledbetter, CEO of Guarantee Electrical Company. “Rough moments, maybe, but Tom took challenges in stride and always came out on top. His impact won’t fade with his passing. It lives on.”