WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Associated General Contractors of America announces the release of a first-of-its-kind decarbonization playbook designed to help firms assess, track and reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the projects they build.

The new resource, titled The AGC Playbook on Decarbonization and Carbon Reporting in the Construction Industry, is part of the association’s broader efforts to make sure construction firms play a leading role in crafting carbon reduction measures for the industry.

“This new tool will help firms understand the basics of tracking carbon emissions, including who is responsible for those emissions, how to track them and what are the best ways to cut them,” said Jeff Shoaf, chief executive officer of the AGC of America. “This is the first document of its kind written by contractors, for contractors, to help them assess the impacts of the projects they are hired to build.”

The new resource outlines a four-step process firms can follow to work with partners to confirm who should be accountable for various carbon emissions associated with a construction project. It also outlines how to document who is accountable for those emissions to limit surprises and risks for everyone involved in a construction project.

A task force established by the AGC of America in early 2023 authored the playbook.