WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Associated General Contractors of America is seeking to understand the current state of the construction labor market and gauge how supply chain problems and materials price spikes are impacting construction-specific firms and the industry overall.

The AGC wants to understand how these and other recent economic developments are impacting companies’ operations. The answers will better equip the organization to advocate for measures to help the industry’s labor needs, both short-term and long-term.

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Your responses will be kept confidential; only aggregated results will be reported. The results will help the AGC better represent the current situation to elected and appointed officials, the media, educators and peers within the business community.

The more individuals understand the scope and consequences of current construction labor market and supply chain conditions, the more likely the AGC says they are to enact measures to support the industry.

For more information and with questions, contact Brian Turmail, vice president for public affairs and strategic workforce with the AGC of America, at (703)459-0238 or via brian.turmail@agc.org.