The Unforgiving Race: Harnessing AI in Construction’s New Era

Bassem Hamdy
February 20, 2024|


In the bustling heart of today’s construction sites, amidst the rhythm of machinery and the dance of steel and concrete, a transformation is underway. It’s subtle, yet its potential is monumental. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has arrived, not with a whisper, but with the promise of a revolution. This isn’t just about change; it’s about reinventing the very foundations of the built world.

Imagine opening Pandora’s Box, not to unleash chaos, but to discover a tool of unmatched potential. That’s AI in construction. It’s time to face the truth: our industry is at a crossroads, cluttered with underused tech and outdated methods. The workflows that once were the backbone of construction are now slowing us down, relics of a time before the digital dawn.

AI is here to change that narrative. It’s not just about tweaking the old ways; it’s about redefining them. Think of AI as the master key to unlock the full potential of the technology we’ve accumulated but barely touched. It’s about turning complex data into clear decisions, transforming sluggish processes into streamlined operations, and bringing the speed and efficiency of the digital age to the robust world of construction.

But let’s not overlook the human side of this story. As seasoned professionals retire, they leave behind a gap, a challenge compounded by the shifting aspirations of the younger generation. The roles once coveted now face the threat of scarcity. Here, AI doesn’t just fill the gap; it builds a bridge. It’s a common ground where the wisdom of experience meets the agility of innovation, ensuring that the legacy of craftsmanship is passed on, not lost.

We stand at the brink of a new era, where embracing AI is not an option but a necessity. The built world, a testament to human ingenuity, cannot afford a “trough of disappointment,” a phase of disillusionment with technology’s unfulfilled promises. The time for half measures is over. AI offers us the tools, the vision, and the path forward.

AI in construction is more than a technological upgrade; it’s a narrative of resilience and transformation. It’s about crafting not just structures, but legacies, ensuring that each beam and bolt is part of a larger story of progress and human potential.

So, let’s step forward with purpose and confidence. Let’s harness AI to not just build, but to inspire. To not just construct, but to create a future where every structure is a monument to innovation, every project a testament to efficiency, and every vision a bridge to a brighter, smarter world. The future of construction isn’t just about building; it’s about envisioning and realizing the impossible, with AI as our most trusted tool.

Bassem Hamdy is CEO and co-founder of Briq, a corporate performance management platform built for construction finance professionals.


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Bassem Hamdy

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